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The Generations ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) is for all age groups from 5th grade on up.

In over 35 years as a Christian, there has been one tangible and always accessible foundation that has remained stable throughout the ups and downs of my life -- The Word of God.

There is no situation in life that God's Word does not address or have an answer to.  In order to know His answers we must embrace this one absolute truth -- God's Word contains application to all of life.

In the movie Rudy, the priest makes a declaration of the definite 2 things he has learned in his 40 years in the ministry; 1, there is a God and 2, the priest was not Him.  I would add a third to that list, God's Word, when we have grasped a hold of and applied the truths found within it to our lives, will ALWAYS come through in every situation.

Come join us on a journey as we endeavor together to gain a greater understanding of God's Word and search for His answers in His Word to apply to our daily lives and situations. 

Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.

Eric Rawding