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The Connections ABF is for people of all ages who are looking to do just that: Connect.

In this class, you will be asked to do more than show up and listen. You will be asked to get to know others and allow them to get to know you. You will be asked to participate in the discussions and lessons and to share your thoughts. You will be asked to challenge yourself to grow in your knowlege of God's Word and your relationship with your Savior. 

You will be asked to connect!

Connections is led by Pastor Dale Bitterling & Len Jacobson. We will be covering the book of Genesis this year. We meet in the Fireside Room during the 2nd Sunday Morning Worship Service at 10:45. As well as the class time on Sunday morning, the group has a variety of social activities throughout the year to better help our people get "Adopted In."

If you have any questions or want more information, contact Pastor Dale: 541-664-5576