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Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy

Mission Statement

God has uniquely given the church the representation of His glory on this earth. As His body, we exist to worship Him through evangelism, belief in His Word and our good works. We pass this heritage on to each new generation that accepts Jesus Christ as Savior through discipleship. The forms of the discipleship are varied, yet the desire is to have each believer develop maturity through godly men and women who are capable of training these young believers.

God has also given the home a unique responsibility. The father and mother have been given the honor to raise their children to godliness. Though the Church has the responsibility to raise faithful men and women, the home is ultimately to teach these principles of righteousness to their own children.

The times in which we live make it imperative to protect these two truths. Imitators of the Gospel occasionally invade the church, preying on the youths and immature believers by sexual perforation. Community Bible Church will actively guard the membership, their families, and any visitors to our assembly to see that the awful sin of sexual abuse does not invade our ministry. If it does, it will be denounced through public discipline, and punished by the full extent of the law.


Sexual abuse refers to any sexual contact between an adult and a child. This abuse may take the form of rape, fondling, molestation, exhibitionism, and sodomy. The victim of sexual crime who is under the age of 18 is legally incapable of consenting to the act and the perpetrator can be charged with sexual offense even if the victim verbally consented or the perpetrator is mistaken about the victim's age.

Incident Response Procedures

Should an incident of child abuse occur, a potential threat, behavior question or other reason to confront a worker, the following procedures should be followed quickly and carefully.

Workers should follow the procedures without improvisation. The procedures are here to be followed.

Precept for Children's Safety

All workers in children's programs are part of the ministry team, guided by designated children's Ministry Leaders. Everyone involved in children's programs must comply with these policies to ensure a safe and secure environment for children and workers.

Worker Guidelines

The following guidelines are intended as a means of providing specific examples to clarify the policy laid out above.

In the area of sexual abuse the following are classified as touching and non-touching offenses:



There may be times in your activity with young people that your actions may be misunderstood. Be careful to ensure that your behavior is clearly identified as being in the students best interests. Tickling, wrestling and rough-housing have the potential to be within those activities that are misunderstood.

Workers should never arrange to meet with a young person alone. Meetings should take place at restaurants and in places where other people are around or at the home of the parents (See Precepts for Children's Safety).

Specific Worker Qualifications and Characteristics

In addition to the regular teaching and ministry guidelines of Community Bible Church, any workers within the various children's ministries in CBC:

Specific Worker Application Requirements

All individuals with a teaching/shepherding ministry at Community Bible Church have certain procedures that should be navigated in order to become approved for their particular office. In addition to the usual and standard procedures, children's workers may be required to fulfill the following: