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CBC Membership Application

Community Bible Church Membership Application
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Please note, you are applying for your individiual membership.  If your spouse wishes to become a member also, they will need to submit their own application.
Membership List
        Please indicate that you agree with each statement below
I have experienced the New Birth and have assurance that I am 
the child of God through personal faith in Jesus Christ
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I can subscribe to the Statement of Faith of Community Bible Church I Agree CBC Statement of Faith
It is my purpose to live a life which is pleasing to the Lord,
endeavoring by the grace of God to overcome those
attitudes and practices which would hinder my Christian
growth or harm my testimony for Jesus Christ.
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It is my purpose to be loyal to the church and its leadership,
and to be conscientious in my attendance at the services.
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I am interested in involvement in various ministries and activities
as an expression of my commitment to Christ and my service.
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I have held membership in a previous church Yes   No Which Church: 
I have been baptized (following my conversion to Christ) Yes   No CBC & Baptism
I hereby apply for membership at Community Bible Church
(by checking 'I Agree', you are stating you wish to apply for membership)
I Agree  

Please give a brief account of your conversion to Christ