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Being a Family Page

At Community Bible Church, we believe being part of a church is more than just attending a club with people who hold to the same religious beliefs as you. We believe you are part of a family. As a Believer, you are part of the greater family of God but committing to a local church brings with it much closer intimacy to a group of people. Like with your actual family, you have commitment and loyalty to your church family. You recognize that, like you, the other members of your family are not perfect and you may not agree on absolutely everything, but you are still family. Your connection and commitment are not questioned because you like different styles of music or wear different styles of clothes or you happen to have tattoos! As with your real family, some will be tall and some will be short. Some will be young and some will be old. Some will be kind and some will be cranky. But they are all family.
Being family means having uncles and aunts, grandpas and grandmas, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters in the faith. It means connecting with and serving each other. It means being there for each other to celebrate milestones and achievements as well as to help and comfort each other when facing trials and difficulties. It means using your God-given gifts and talents to help your family when they are in need and allowing them bless you in the same way. Being family means being willing to correct others with compassion and love when they are in error and being willing to accept the same from those that love you. It means being willing to be open and honest with people who wish to love and support you and allowing them to be open and honest with you. Being family means being there for each other. 
We invite you come here and be family.
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